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Congregation B'nai Israel

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Kristallnacht Community Observance for 2017 at B’nai Israel

On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, Erev the 79th anniversary of Kristallnacht, we will gather together at B’nai Israel at 7:30 p.m. to commemorate the Night of Broken Glass with the World Premier Concert – NEVER AGAIN: Music Out of the Ashes.

On November 9, 1938, Hitler used the killing of a German diplomat in Paris as a pretense to engage his Nazi thugs in a “spontaneous” planned assault on the Jewish Community of Germany and recently annexed Austria. It was designed to see how the world would react to the beginning of the anti-Jewish campaign that we now know as the Holocaust. The world merely shrugged it off as a manifestation of the usual antisemitism rampant in European history – not that unusual. 91 Jews were killed that night. Thousands of synagogues and Jewish businesses were destroyed and approximately 20,000-30,000 Jewish men were rounded up and sent to concentration camps that day and the next merely for being Jewish. The streets were covered with broken glass (kristal in German) from the shattered windows of Jewish-owned buildings, businesses, and synagogues that were vandalized and looted during the attacks.

NEVER AGAIN: Music Out of the Ashes is a one-hour educational concert founded on the premise that all of humanity is one family, sharing in common the ideal of human decency and mutual respect for all peoples. The program is designed to uplift the human spirit through music and also to educate all segments of society to recognize and combat fascism and prejudice. The concert uses the music written and performed in the ghettos and concentration camps in combination with some history about how the Holocaust developed and evolved, focusing on German tactics of incremental oppression of Jews and other target groups, as well as the means by which the Nazis convinced the citizens of Germany and occupied Europe to tolerate and even to participate in such heinous crimes against humanity. The music helps to educate the heart rather than just the mind. NEVER AGAIN should anyone, anywhere, be treated that way – this applies to Jews and to all other people on the planet.

Collaborators on this project include musicians, teachers, lawyers, and others donating their time, with the understanding that music is a universal language which can illuminate the human heart and soul.

Conductor and musician Sara Jobin was inspired to create this musical experience after she conducted the Bach B minor Mass in Dachau, just outside the concentration camp memorial site with 60 performers from 8 different countries. The concert was in memory of Noorunisa Inayat Khan, who gave her life in WWII when she was killed there as a British spy. It was a viscerally powerful experience for her offering the music as a healing to the souls who had perished there. During and after that performance she realized that the music of Jewish composers written when they were imprisoned in the ghettoes and concentration camps needed to be performed once again. They wrote their music hoping to be remembered and sounding it serves somewhat to give them the immortality they deserve.

This World Premier Concert – NEVER AGAIN: Music Out of the Ashes, at B’nai Israel is free of charge and open to the public.
Congregation B’nai Israel
Wednesday, November 8, 2017, 7:30 p.m.
NO charge
Open to the Public
Selections written and performed in the ghettos and concentration camps
Carol Dusdieker, soprano
Aleks Romano, mezzo soprano
Lauraine Carpenter, narrator
Sara Jobin, piano


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